Motivational Speaking

“A passionate and inspiring speaker, J.E. Martin speaks the truth with inescapable logic!” – Glastinne Celestine, Author & Motivational Speaker

Author and motivational speaker, J.E. Martin is an inspirational and passionate leader whose story of perseverance and crushing challenges is sure to uplift and empower. Join him as he takes you on a powerful ride from growing up in the projects of Washington, D.C., to becoming the CEO of his own company and founder of, a national organization and movement whose mission is to awaken the American spirit of optimism and determination.

J.E. Martin shares a powerful message on…

Empowerment – “The difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is your attitude.” We all have problems and a past, we can either choose to be a victim or a victor- the choice is ours. Overcoming, learning from, and moving through our challenges make the difference between success and failure.

Critical Thinking – “The art of separating the game from the truth” Become empowered with simple tools and a mindset that will enable you to make informed choices based on facts and less on emotion. Learn the powerful step-by-step process that will enable you
to pinpoint and minimize biasing influences on your thoughts, such as culture and upbringing. Learn to seek out and be guided by knowledge and evidence that fits with reality, even if it goes against cherished beliefs. Becoming a “critical thinker” is the sure path towards self-reliance.

America’s Secret Success Formula – There is a saying that when you’re too close to the trees, you can’t see the beauty of the forest. In this great land of opportunity, sometimes we just don’t realize how good we got it and why. The great story behind
America’s success sometimes gets lost in over complex messages and history lessons.
Jermaine delivers a powerful, clear, and simple message full of basic, common sense principles which are at the root of personal success and our collective achievements as a nation.