Jermaine E. Martin is the founder of He is a proud and passionate American, who decided to share his uniquely American story with the world and spread a message of love for this great country and its enduring principles of freedom. Just like other Americans all over this country, he realizes everyday that we are truly fortunate to live in a country where freedom and opportunity shine so brightly.

With a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, he is an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker, originally born and raised in a public housing project in our Nation’s Capital of Washington, D.C. During his early childhood growing up in the projects, Jermaine witnessed the rough, street side of life. With drugs, crime, violence, and limited resources being part of everyday of life, as far as his family was concerned, none of these circumstances was an excuse for not doing the right thing. The mindset of not blaming others for your circumstances or playing the victim stuck with him throughout his life. Being responsible for your own success and happiness are at the heart of Jermaine’s uplifting and empowering message.

Fatherless like so many other kids growing up in the projects, Jermaine received his strong foundation from grandparents and a mother who worked two jobs to make ends meet. His family instilled in him the importance of education and responsibility. Because of this early guidance, Jermaine developed a sense of pride and self-reliance before most kids his age. Good grades were expected by his mother, but eventually he would start to expect them of himself.

Jermaine would eventually escape the projects, as his mother married a military man and started a fresh life in the suburbs outside of Washington, DC. Life was good for awhile, but it all came crashing down several years later. A painful divorce between his parents would destroy his happy suburban life. Childhood for Jermaine had come to an end and the awakening of a young man had begun- the journey to self-reliance and self-discovery.

Angry and hurt, Jermaine struggled with the temptations that accompany failure and pain.
With only one year left in high school and grades that had secured him a spot in college, the victim mindset almost robbed him of it all. Even with only a year left, as a way to inflict pain on parents that had inflicted so much pain on him, Jermaine considered dropping out of school.

Unlike so many other promising stories that end in tragedy, Jermaine, with the help of a close childhood friend, would go on to tell a different story. This childhood friend ended up being the guardian angel that Jermaine needed at this time in his life. Set straight by tough love, Jermaine would go on to finish high school and would never look back. The empowering words shared by his childhood friend, would turn out to be the most inspiring and influential words he would ever hear in his life.

Jermaine’s story is nothing short of pure positive inspiration! He combines an uplifting message of empowerment, determination, passion, and patriotism. His message will inspire young people to believe in themselves, their community, and their country.

When it all hit me…

“I was 12 years old at the time. My dad was in the Navy and returning to port in Norfolk , VA after a long tour at sea. My mom, uncle, and I drove four hours to Norfolk to watch his aircraft carrier dock from its long journey. As we stood near the pier, the ship slowly approached the dock and families began to cheer. I noticed the endless line of sailors at attention as they stood side-by-side along the top deck of the ship. It was if they were guardians of this symbol of American power. As the ship got closer to the dock, I began to see their brave facial expressions as they stood at attention with their arms crossed behind their backs. Their uniforms blew rapidly in the wind as their bodies remained fixed to the outline of the top deck.

Even as a kid, I became overwhelmed with emotion. My chest tightened, and I felt a sense of fullness in my soul. I glanced over at my uncle and noticed tears streaming down his face. Even though this was a day of happiness and celebration for my father returning from sea, I knew why my uncle cried. The sight of men serving something greater than themselves is a reason to cry. This is what it means to love your country.” – Jermaine E. Martin